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I've just gone over to read lovely things about people on [livejournal.com profile] svmadelyn's Valentine's Day Game (the second half is here), and I found love for me. Thank you so much, anons <333333

I have been less than stellar at keeping up with LJ lately, but I still love my fangirls. More than I can say.
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I can't believe it's been over a week since Wincon and I haven't managed to post about it yet. I had a fantastic time this year, right up until the point when I didn't. Unfortunately, my Wincon was cut rather abruptly short by food poisioning which meant I missed the prom and festivities, a night I look forward to all year, and most of the saying goodbye which happens on Sunday. I did, however, get to have a great day out on the strip--Wincon was in Vegas this year--with [profile] beckaandzac on Thursday, window shopping in the Venitian and then eating an absolutely amazing steak lunch at the Paris hotel. We had escargot to start, which I hadn't tried since I was fifteen. I hadn't liked it much then, but I was all about its garlic-y herby deliciousness this time. Especially with the crusty French bread and fruity tart Sangria we had with it. My steak was perfectly cooked, tender, juicy, and served Au Poivre, which is my forevergirl steak sauce. It came with the most amazing pommes frites, thin and crispy and tender. It was as though a stack of pringles had sex with a plate of french fries and had a baby. A delicious baby. We definitely didn't need dessert, although as we were walking out, I spied some delicious looking bread pudding that I'd like to try sometime.

In the hotel, on my part there was a lot of screaming about the boys from One Direction and the girls from Little Mix, sharing of stickers and decorating of cups, playing of Spanking Yoda, and screaming about One Direction some more. A group of us also played a Breakfast Show drinking game along with Nick Grimshaw's breakfast show (which on Pacific time airs live at 10:30 at night). I gave up and went to bed just after midnight, though others stayed the 3.5 hour distance. I didn't make it to as many panels as I'd hoped, due to the whole sick thing, but the kink panel was excellent, and the incest panel was enthusiastic as always :D

I made it down to the strip a second time with [personal profile] itsthedetails, [personal profile] deirdre_c and [profile] beckaandzac and we wandered the casinos at the south end. We got back just in time for Becka and I to attend the 1D panel, which turned out to be all introductions and discussion of how we got into the fandom, but was no less awesome for that. I seem to be one of the very few people who never had 1D blacklisted on tumblr. I was always willing if not ready.

I've signed up for a fic exchange posting in January, in the hopes that it would kick-start my words. I managed 1500, which is great, but my problem the last few months has lain in finishing anything I start, so I am not out of the woods yet. Fingers crossed though.

And now my lunch break is nearly over, so I leave you. hopefully I will return soon, however!
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You all have maybe noticed that I have long been a fan of [personal profile] blue_soaring's writing. (and the rest, but that is not the point so much ;P) SHE HAS PUBLISHED A BOOK. I AM VERY EXCITED. I had the honour of getting to read this along the way to it getting here, and IT'S REALLY GREAT. I know many of you are a fan of the regency fic especially, but it's great even if you just like dudes having sex, and awesome women being awesome, and friendships, and capers and adventure.

You can buy it here:

I'm insanely proud of her :D
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last week we had a really quiet afternoon at work, and my colleague whom I was on the phones with was asking me about life on the California coast. This led to us both looking at property websites, as she and her brother and mom are thinking of buying a house down there. We found a place in Santa Cruz (home of my heart) that was amazing. 150 acres of meadowland and woods, with a huge, gorgeous main house, a guest cottage, and a caretakers cottage, three barns, an alpaca paddock, a swimming pool, sea views... incredible. A snip at fifteen million dollars. But whatever. That was also the week when people were posting the links to the plans for tiny houses websites and talking about that, and I went into full-on fantasy mode, thinking of all the little houses that could be built on the place, and how there could be a huge vegetable garden, and chickens, and it could be a real proper fangirl commune.

I imagined everyone having their own space, and then using the big house as communal area, with signups for the TV, and if someone was watching something you wanted, you could just join them, and I thought about cooking in the big kitchen, with people sitting around chatting to me, and maybe some other people helping to make big meals to put in the fridge, and people could come and heat up lasagne or meatloaf or stew or soup whenever they wanted. And we'd take turns working in the garden if that suited, or taking care of the animals, and spinners could spin to their hearts' content, and knitters could knit, and one of the barns could have a south-facing wall replaced with glass and it could be a huge artist's studio, and people could use it to paint or make jewelry or sculpt or whatever they liked, and we could have a little recording studio, and a fire ring, and bat boxes in the eaves, and hummingbird feeders everywhere.

And it made me really really happy to think about. I would love that so much. I never felt cut out for the communal living situations in like, Berkeley, because the people (from the looks of the ads) were not people with whom I had much in common. But yeah. This sounds great to me.

On the way home that night, I was talking to my mom, and she asked how my day was, and I told her about the gorgeous property, and how great it would be to buy it and build a fangirl commune. She immediately had a thousand practical reasons why it would never work (primarily that even with thirty people, you'd all need $500k mortgages to be able to afford it, and that's before you started making any changes to the property), and I was so taken aback. I realized, talking to her a little bit more, that she doesn't have places she goes to in her head that are nice to think about. If she wants fantasy, she reads a book or watches a movie. She only dreams of things if she can also logic a way for them to happen. I'll admit, at first, it made me feel like a freak.

But then I got off the phone with her, and remembered that being able to think like I do is what makes me be able to tell stories, and I am FAR from the only person who can do that.

Tonight I was lying in bed, trying to go to sleep so DST doesn't catch me, and I drifted off again, imagining the solar panels on all the roofs, and the windmill on the property's edge, and that wonderful kitchen, with all the counter space a girl could want, and bar stools for my friends to sit on, and, I'll admit, we were listening to the Radio 1 Breakfast Show and I was maybe shaking my ass a little in time with the music, and I thought I need to write this down. So, here I am.

and now I am going to get back to dreaming, and hopefully sleeping.
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There has been some sleep, and I have a day off tomorrow, so I am feeling a little more capable of getting a detail or two about Wincon down onto paper. And by paper I mean the whitespace of this posting box. this year's con was in Dallas, where the wind is warm and the airport is huge. The fangirls were plentiful and the prom ran late. I had a wonderful time.

cut for a long weekend )

It turns out that this was still a totally uninspired recap of the weekend, but I cannot brain right now. Work is kicking my ass, between the early starts and the fact that I don't do very well with not knowing how to do things. But I'll get there, and that's the important part.

Now. When do I get my fangirl transporter device?
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[livejournal.com profile] xojemmaxo has made a podfic of A Hero or a Grinder! Her post is here. I am super excited. I love podfic :D
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Dylan O'Brien is pretty much too adorable and amazing for words. So I shall let him do some interpretive dancing for you instead. Get past the first bit with the girls talking over each other about their excitement, because there is a world of Dylan and Posey goodness to follow :D

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One of the things I love most about fandom is that you can mention casually that you really need a gif of a certain moment of a video, and before you know it you have someone awesome like [livejournal.com profile] isweedan ripping it and someone awesome like [livejournal.com profile] annemaris making it for you :D :D :D

all the hearteyes in the universe for everything about this moment, from Gerard's face to the fangirls who made it possible for me to post it here.
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I was so excited to see my art. I've only ever done big bangs where you work with your artist, and I didn't know how this one was going to work, and then WOW. I got my posting email and there was art, and it was FANTASTIC. I was doing happy-wiggles and grabby-hands at the same time, and I want to roll around with them. [livejournal.com profile] solarbaby614 did such a great job of taking the Frank and Gerard I'd pictured when I was writing and making them look like Darkness!Verse and not just like the Killjoys I'd based them on. So great!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH, [livejournal.com profile] solarbaby614!

and you should go see the mix if you came here first :D

master post
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I cannot even tell you the sound I made when I got this mix. Then after that noise, I sat for like five minutes flapping my hands and staring and making more sounds of joy. The cover art is absolute PERFECTION for my story, and the mix itself totally captures the atmosphere. I'm always in awe of mixers. [livejournal.com profile] dwg did such a great job, and I am so glad she claimed me!

Seriously. Look at this cover. I got so so so lucky with art all around in this Big Bang.

mix here

master post
THANK YOU SO MUCH [livejournal.com profile] dwg!!

and you should go to the art if you came here first


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