March 25th, 2017
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Reader, I am really fucking tired. *insert long tedious explanation of the past week involving hospital, fainting, copious vomiting (different days, different family members), family visit, 3 playdates, and ending with my current location in hotel room in Disneyworld*

Everyone is okay now but OMG.

HOWEVER I am actually here to share this vidding zine what lim made, which I was so thrilled to participate in:


I think it is really quite awesome and full of interesting and joyful and fannish thought in the very best way. My own contribution was to rave on about [personal profile] sisabet's vid Bad Romance, which spoiler alert is one of my most favorite vids and if you want to know why GO LOOK AT THE SHINY.

March 23rd, 2017
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March 22nd, 2017
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Music:: Joni Mitchell: "Both Sides Now"
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March 20th, 2017
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We all had to do a project on a muscle group for kinesiology class, and it could take any form we wanted. Some people did posters, some songs, some 3D art, and one even did ballet. I, of course, wrote a story. I know a couple people wanted to see it, so I thought I'd post it here.

Once upon a time, there was a crime family by the name of Flexor. In the early days, it was run by two brothers. The eldest had a son called Brachialis, and he vowed one day his son would be head of the family. But the younger brother had two sons, Biceps Brachii and Brachioradialis. He thought it only fair that his sons would inherit the family flexing business. When his brother disagreed, he arranged an accident. He wasn’t an ENTIRELY terrible man, however, and he did raise his nephew like his own sons—except Brachialis would only ever be third in line for the throne.

Brachialis is big and strong and wise, but he never discovered the circumstances of his father’s death, so he honors his uncle and loves his cousins. Besides, he isn’t much for being the center of attention, so he’s happy to let his flamboyant cousin, Biceps Brachii, be front and center. Biceps Brachii likes to branch out, try new things, and he can do this because he knows his cousin Brachialis will always be there, squatting on the humerus and grabbing the ulna, taking care of the family business: flexing the elbow, come rain or shine, pronation or supination.

Biceps Brachii is biflexible, and especially nights when he’s been drinking Spanish wine and dancing the night away, will flex the shoulder as well as the elbow. With one head in the bicipital groove and bedded down with the supra glenoid tubercle, Biceps Brachii can only really concentrate on flexing with his forearm supinated. Fortunately, that’s one of his skills.

His little brother, Brachioradialis, has always felt himself to be a third wheel, second to his cousin and older brother. They’ve got the humerus covered, leaving him only the lateral supracondylar ridge to call home. Left behind in middle school when the older two go off to high school, Brachioradialis heads his own way. The Carpi territory could use some new blood. About this time he meets a boy called Pronator Teres. Pronator Teres has run away from his family, and is grateful when Brachioradialis takes him home. He forgets all about his Teres kin at the shoulder, and dedicates himself to the elbow joints, becoming a loyal fourth member of the Flexor family.

But what no one knows, is poor Pronator Teres is in love with his friend Brachioradialis. Just his luck, Brachioradialis is the straight brother, running directly down from the lateral epicondyle to the stylus of the radius. He's preoccupied with masturbation and beer drinking, and it never occurs to him that his best friend has been in love with him for years. He doesn’t even notice that PT has a drug habit, shooting up when no one’s looking.

Oblivious as he is, Brachioradialis doesn’t understand why his friend is always fighting with his carefree, biflexible brother, demanding pronation while Biceps Brachii just wants to have fun and supinate. Fortunately, Brachioradialis is good at keeping the peace, and always manages to return the forearm to neutral, whether PT or BB has been harder at work trying to make him spill his beer. And at least he’s got his cousin who doesn’t care who’s doing what with the forearm, he’ll always be there flexing.

They have their problems, and sometimes it’s a bumpy road, but the Flexor family sticks together, calling the elbow home, and getting the job done the best they can.
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March 19th, 2017
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Now What I'm Going to Say May Sound Indelicate By [personal profile] dreamlittleyo
[Hamilton/Washington, 5200 Words, Explicit, Canon Era, Consent Issues]
For a ridiculous instant, Washington wishes he were sober. His head is such a whirlwind of drink and desire, and he knows tomorrow his memories of this will be fuzzy and fragmented. God damn it, he wants to remember. If he can only have this once—and surely he can only have this once—he wants the memory to be clear and vivid. Curse the wine blurring his thoughts and making his head heavy.

Then again, if he were sober—if either one of them were sober—this wouldn't be happening at all.

Read on AO3…

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March 17th, 2017
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This is the place to leave a comment about how your work is progressing, if you've started it. It's also a place to talk about the fact that you haven't started your fanwork (which is probably most of us).

This is a place to cheer each other on, and to get a little motivation.

If you're still in need of a minion, leave a comment. Read the other comments to see if you can be a minion for someone else.

If you're doing some kind of other thing, like a network on Tumblr or a group watch of something Bandom-ish and you're open to more people joining, leave a comment.

Please keep this space positive and judgement free.
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Thanks to everyone who let us know that Photobucket images were not loading properly on some pages. The problem seemed to be mostly limited to HTTPS requests; Dreamwidth maintains a list of known high-traffic image sites that support HTTPS, so that our secure content proxy service doesn't cache them unnecessarily. Unfortunately Photobucket seems to have recently changed their site configuration such that HTTPS requests aren't being served as expected, and we've now taken it out of our list of "proxy-exempt" sites.

If you continue to have issues, make sure you're not using HTTPS Photobucket links. It's a bit counterintuitive, but if you use HTTP instead, it will be automatically transformed on our end to an HTTPS link that uses

Hope that clears everything up for now! Let us know if it doesn't...
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