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I went to start my April books post, and realized I had more to say about April's first book than I expected, and that I wanted to say it today, not in a month. So I wrote up some (non-spoilery) thoughts about the new KJ Charles book that came out today, which for me meant 9pm last night.

A Gentleman's Position by KJ Charles
I pre-ordered this book in August. I have been DYING for it since then. Valet porn. Valet porn. I have a thing for the studied dressing and undressing of another person. Also service kink. Also, I love the glimpses we get of David Cyprian in the first two books in the series, A Fashionable Indulgence and A Seditious Affair. Richard is also a fascinating character, though a little more challenging to fall in love with. This is the book for that, though.

If you haven't read these books yet, I have to recommend you start with The Ruin of Gabriel Ashleigh. It's a super hot little short that I've read over and over, and it's a great introduction to the characters and the world they live in. It's been torture waiting for each book to come out, but now they're all here, and I can't wait to binge read them all together.

no plot spoilers, but some people don't like feelings spoilers either, and so I cut )
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Hello! I'm back again with my March books. I read too many books in March. Like, in detriment to the actual running of my day-to-day life. I'm going to try to dial it back a little bit this month. There are some books coming out I'm really excited about, like the latest KJ Charles and a new Santino Hassell and the final Raven Cycle book, but I'm going to try not to do any reading three books in a single day days in April. The sun has FINALLY come out, so I think this might even be a reachable goal.

On to the books! I tried not to be spoilery, though I do go into some content warnings for some of them. I'm always happy to go into more detail if you want. this got hella long, so I'll put the books under a cut <3

Books I read for the first time: )

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tfw you've been a harry potter fan for two decades and a fic-obsessed fangirl for one, and now it's 2016 and you suddenly discover Harry/Draco fic like it's 2002 up in here. yeah, idk either. partly to do with Carry On, and partly to do with someone reccing an astolat H/D fic on my twitter feed, and suddenly I'm knee-deep in novel length fic. it's been a WHILE since I read any fic, and QUITE a while since I read more than one fic in a week never mind day, so this is strange on a lot of fronts. Hey Ho, guess I'm in HP fandom now? jk jk i don't really consider myself IN a fandom until i'm writing it, and i don't see myself writing H/D but if I have learned one thing in fandom it's never say never. lol

In the spirit of the book posts I've been doing, I thought I would do a fic roundup type of thing too.

Timeshare by astolat
I've never been one for hate sex or enemy sex or whatever I always thought H/D would have to be, but then something just WORKED about it. idk. yay, bonded tropes? :D

Reparatio by astolat
and here we have pretend dating trope! also not a thing that usually turns my crank, except for those times it REALLY REALLY REALLY does. let's add this one to the list.

House Proud by astolat
this one delighted me because my favourite characters in Harry Potter were always the settings, and this is so very about Grimmauld place, but also a;slkdfsdfj by now I've started getting alarmingly into Harry/Draco, so.

punch-drunk fingerprints by tamerofdarkstars
this was less than 2k, but was cute, and made me realize, yes, I am here for this pairing, damn it.

A Private Reason for This by femme
omg. because I am an old, I never got to read about the HP characters like they were my peers, but this is set when they are all in their early 40s, and there was something INCREDIBLY powerful about that to me. It made me so happy. Also, much to my surprise given how much I love HS AUs of things, I really loved reading about them grown up and really over all that teen angst stuff. Plus, the melding of modern british policing practice and magical culture made me happy as someone who's read hundreds of police procedurals. So good.

Transfigurations by Resonant
I've been seeing people talk about this as one of the classic H/D fics for a few years now, and always was like, yeah, whatever, okay, because no interest whatsoever in H/D fic, but then when I admitted to my tlist that I was looking for H/D a few people fell over themselves linking me. and YES. IT WAS REALLY GREAT. At first I struggled a little bit with the fact that it was AU from canon, even though I had been warned right there in the header that it was written before Order of the Phoenix came out, but it wasn't too long before I stopped caring about that, and just got REALLY INTO IT. I can see why it's so beloved.

Tea and No Sympathy by who_la_hoop
lol more tropes I don't usually care about! this time groundhog day/time loop. but OMG THIS WAS SO GREAT. Draco being just SO PAINFULLY EXCRUCIATINGLY IN LOVE with Harry, and not being able to do FEELINGS, and as he lived the day over and over falling more and more in love, and Harry DIDN'T KNOW again the next day, and a;sldkfja;lsdkfj;asdlk rolling around in feels.

and then just TODAY Stately Homes of Wiltshire by waspabi went up.
or, well, the first chapter. which I didn't realize until I was getting to the bottom of the scroll bar and we were NOWHERE NEAR any kind of resolution, and I looked and saw it was 1/6. BUT ANYHOO. so far so great, and I look forward to more!

next up on my kindle is Reparations and the sequel Foundations and then all the other 11 parts that come after. Everyone is very excited for me to read this (or everyone who is excited that I'm reading H/D fic in this year of our lorde 2016, which is probably a limited definition of everyone) so I'll let you know how it goes!
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You all have maybe noticed that I have long been a fan of [personal profile] blue_soaring's writing. (and the rest, but that is not the point so much ;P) SHE HAS PUBLISHED A BOOK. I AM VERY EXCITED. I had the honour of getting to read this along the way to it getting here, and IT'S REALLY GREAT. I know many of you are a fan of the regency fic especially, but it's great even if you just like dudes having sex, and awesome women being awesome, and friendships, and capers and adventure.

You can buy it here:

I'm insanely proud of her :D
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a conversation about re-reading books on twitter this morning made me think about books I have re-read. One that contends for top spot (with Tabitha King's One on One and Anne McCaffrey's The White Dragon) is A Town Like Alice by Nevil Shute. It is not unproblematic, but my biggest narrative kink is society creation (see also the Pern books), and for that it is brilliant.

It was written in the 1950s. This is the source of much that makes me cringe, including the line about Jean (the main character) avoiding a fate worse than death. A FATE WORSE THAN DEATH. Already in the story, she has been a prisoner of war and as such has been marched hundreds of miles over the course of months watching her friends die around her, has been hit, starved, threatened... She's lived through hell, basically. But this fate she avoids, this terrible fate to which dying is preferable, is having sex with a man she's in love with, who loves her back, whom she's travelled across the world to find, and whom she plans on marrying. Yes, better that she should DIE than make love before saying "I do". (not even fuck. these characters are total MFEO OTP characters.)

and then I look at my tumblr dash, and all the girls and women delightedly objectifying men, and wanting to get all up on their junk, and playing fold-of-cloth or peen, and making grabby hands at boobs, and shouting NOW KISS at Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence, and having no kind of shame about sexuality at all. I can't think that a single one of them would think death preferable to sex, no matter how they cry about drinking bleach and lying down in traffic because someone is too sexy for their shirt. #datingmyselfwithlyrics


and then I look at the politicians and the laws they are making/trying to make about women's bodies. And some of them were alive in the 50s, and that fate-worse-than-death thing is a real life cultural reference for them, and the rest of them were raised by people who grew up then, and clearly didn't move with the times. But can we move with the times now? Can we do that? Because this whole thing were women can and do watch porn and get off to it, and talk about their desires, and take control of their own sexual experiences is REALLY AWESOME.


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