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posted by [personal profile] rivers_bend at 04:04pm on 05/04/2016 under ,
I went to start my April books post, and realized I had more to say about April's first book than I expected, and that I wanted to say it today, not in a month. So I wrote up some (non-spoilery) thoughts about the new KJ Charles book that came out today, which for me meant 9pm last night.

A Gentleman's Position by KJ Charles
I pre-ordered this book in August. I have been DYING for it since then. Valet porn. Valet porn. I have a thing for the studied dressing and undressing of another person. Also service kink. Also, I love the glimpses we get of David Cyprian in the first two books in the series, A Fashionable Indulgence and A Seditious Affair. Richard is also a fascinating character, though a little more challenging to fall in love with. This is the book for that, though.

If you haven't read these books yet, I have to recommend you start with The Ruin of Gabriel Ashleigh. It's a super hot little short that I've read over and over, and it's a great introduction to the characters and the world they live in. It's been torture waiting for each book to come out, but now they're all here, and I can't wait to binge read them all together.

AGP feels in some ways the quietest of the three books, yet the whole thing comes together in an edge-of-your-seat (or in my case at one in the morning, duvet-clutching) adventure. I think that's because there's less focus on the politics of the day, and more on interpersonal communication. I feel like KJC always does interesting things with power dynamics in relationships, often playing with power imbalances in explicitly kinky ways. Which I am into. But this one plays less on their size difference (though there is one), and on the difference in their social standing (though that is also central to the plot and emotional journey), and more on fears and emotional vulnerability, and the ways power exchange can be a delicate feelings dance in constant flux.

There is so much interesting stuff about consent in this story, too. We often think about explicit verbal consent, but life is not always that simple. Especially when one lives in a KJ Charles story. Yes and No both take on so many layers, becoming richer with context, and with lessons about communication learned.

I loved the new looks we got at the familiar characters and couples, and the new characters brought in to help give David and Richard depth. I fell SO in love with Dom and Silas in Seditious Affair, and I feel like they get to spread their wings a bit in the background, and also yay for the quality snark they provide. All the players from Ruin forward get their just desserts, whether that's chocolate cake or vinegar pie without the pie, or cake with some vinegar along the way. I was so satisfied by the ending, while at the same time, feel like I could keep reading about the Ricardians forever.

I also enjoyed this slightly more spoilery review
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posted by [personal profile] scy at 04:21am on 06/04/2016
I've been considering picking these books up, so thanks for your thoughts!
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posted by [personal profile] rivers_bend at 12:27pm on 06/04/2016
They are SO GOOD. I've never read a KJC book that wasn't amazing, and these are no exception :D
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posted by [personal profile] scy at 02:04am on 08/04/2016
*stares at TBR pile* Noted. I can see more books in my future. Plus the last book in the Raven Boys drops this month. Basically: BOOOOKS.


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